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Former FBI Agent Ali Soufan Worked to Prevent the 9/11 Attacks

As an FBI agent, Ali Soufan investigated terror threats against America.

“I have a lot of memories that will always continue to haunt me regarding 9/11,” he stated. “I truly, in my heart, believe that 9/11 could’ve been stopped.”

Soufan was one of a handful of Muslim agents during 9/11. He says the CIA withheld information that could’ve prevented the attack.
“I was involved in many counterterrorism operations prior to 9/11,” he said. “I was asking different entities in the U.S. government about terrorists, who I believed at the time they might be involved in the USS Cole attacks. And I always was told that we don’t know anything about these guys.”

Soufan was the lead investigator for the USS Cole Attack in 2000 where 17 American sailors were killed on a U.S. Naval destroyer in Yemen. The attack was carried out by al-Qaeda.

“On September 11, I was told that some of the them were on the planes, here in the United States. That some elements of my own government knew that they were in America and the information was not shared with me and with me team,” he said. “One of the findings was that, it was a possibility if that information was shared to the FBI team investigating the USS Cole, 9/11, it couldn’t have been stopped at its early stages.”