Fruitarian Couple Has Eaten Fruits for 3 Years Straight

This couple says they’ve eaten mostly fruit for three years. They also recently went viral for saying they haven’t brushed their teeth in two years.

Tina Stoklosa and Simon Beun are fruitarians and say the fruit-only diet has changed their lives.

“Basically, I was overweight all my life. I have tried every diet in the world,” Stoklosa said, “You know, I was binge eating, I was anorexic, I was bulimic. All these cycles defined my whole life from when I was 13 until when I was 36.”

Stoklosa says that eating the fruit-only diet “was the first time, it seemed like my brain was firing on all cylinders.” She moved to Bali from Poland in 2016 because of the high quality of fruit there.

Beun sought advice from Stoklosa about fruitarianism and they ultimately fell in love. They now travel the world in pursuit of different fruits and document their travels on Instagram and YouTube. They also say they haven’t brushed their teeth in two years.

“It came naturally with the diet because these fruits are so juicy, so hydrating, they have such a big water content that it actually doesn’t leave any residue on your teeth,” Beun said. “You don’t feel inclined to brush your teeth.”

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