Grandfather Eats at Wife’s Memorial During Granddaughter’s Wedding

The grandfather ate next to a memorial for his late wife on his granddaughter’s wedding day.
71-year-old Billy Gray lost his wife Barbara in May 2017. They were married for 45 years.
Gray’s granddaughter Sahrah Elswick set up a memorial at her wedding, which included photos of relatives they’d lost, including her grandmother. When it came time to eat, Gray found a seat and shared the moment with his late wife.
“I couldn’t really imagine having a wedding without [my grandparents] there,” Sahrah told “Good Morning America.” “The people on the memorial were very important people in mine and my husband’s [lives] and even if they couldn’t physically be there, we wanted them to be a part of it in some way.”
She posted a photo of the moment on Twitter, where it went viral with more than 19,000 retweets. Other users were quick to gush about the sweet moment.
“I loved your tribute to your grandparents. This is what marriage truly is,” @TEACHER1949 tweeted.
“This is so incredibly sweet. I love seeing how people remember their loved ones at weddings,” @THECAROLOVE tweeted.
“thank you for sharing this and let your Pawpaw know that he sets an example for what a real man is all about. Respects to him and your family.” @D_RIAL_7MI tweeted.