Gun Reform Student Activists Meet NRA Supporters on National Parkland Tour

Parkland students and allies described confronting NRA members and trying to communicate with them about gun reform.

“It always starts off with, ‘Why are you trying to take away my guns?’ And we always counter that with, if you’re a responsible gun owner you should be fine with all the policies we want to put in place because it shouldn’t affect you,” stated former Parkland student Daniel Williams.

March For Our lives just finished a nationwide tour advocating for gun reform. Students from Parkland along with other young people from around the country made more than 50 stops in 20 states. March For Our Lives was created by Parkland students after 17 people were shot and killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Since then, the campaign has inspired and involved youth across America.

“There’s also something key in being youth,” explained one of the march’s organizers Daphne Frias. “We tend to be the most non-threatening people. So to be able to come up face-to-face and have those open conversations with our counterparts is really important. And I feel like that wouldn’t be able to happen if it was adults to adults because we have a lot of barriers that we put between each other but young people don’t really have those barriers because all we want is real and honest change.”

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