Canadian Somali Journalist Hodan Nalayeh Among 26 Killed in Kismayo Terrorist Attack

Journalist Hodan Nalayeh is being remembered as an “inspiration” after she was killed in a terrorist attack.
Nalayeh and her husband were among the people killed when militants sieged the Asasey Hotel in Kismayo on July 12. At least four gunmen stormed the hotel after a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle outside. At least 26 people died and more than 50 people were injured.
Al-Shabab, a Somalia-based terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the attack. They also orchestrated a deadly hotel attack in Kenya in January 2019.
Nalayeh was a prominent Canadian Somali journalist who was dedicated to sharing uplifting stories from Somalia on her TV show and YouTube channel “Integration TV”
“If we don’t become the creators of our own content, we are going to be at the mercy of people telling the stories of Africa,” she stated on the podcast “Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life.”
Nalayeh moved to Somalia in 2018 to continue her reporting. She tweeted that she developed a “passion of photography” and shared daily photos of her life in Somalia.
“Integration TV” confirmed her death on social media and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau honored her in a statement.
“Ms. Nalayah’s work showcased positive, uplifting, and inspiring Somali stories, and was a testament to the role of the free press in broadening people’s perspectives and defending diversity and inclusion,” he said. “Her loss is deeply felt in Canada, and in Somali and journalistic communities around the world.”