How Powerful is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is often overshadowed by its larger neighbors, India and Pakistan. But, as the country deals with an influx of thousands of refugees from Myanmar, it has  a new presence on the world stage.

So, how powerful is the People’s Republic of Bangladesh? To start, it spans over 57,000 square miles in size, making it just the 97th largest country by area. It is also home to around 159 million people, making it the 8th most populous country on earth.

The country has seen economic growth in recent years — in 2017, it grew by 7.2%, according to the Asian development bank. It’s also experienced a decline in poverty recently, according to the World Bank. However, according to Transparency International, it’s known as one of the most corrupt countries. Its parliament has 300 elected officials that serve 5-year terms, as well as a non-executive president. About 89% of all Bangladeshi people practice the Islamic faith.

With the current refugee dilemma taking place on its soil, Bangladesh has a lot of decisions to make, which will determine how it is perceived around the world. If they operate favorably, they could become another global player in South Asia — which has historically only been a two-player system.