How Speedy Ortiz & Sad13's Sadie Dupuis Fights the Opioid Crisis at Rock Shows

Speedy Ortiz & Sad13's Sadie Dupuis want to make Narcan available at music venues. “We don’t view drug use obviously as an ethical or a criminal issue; it’s a public health issue,” she stated. “And by talking about it on stage at a rock show in a normal setting, it’s helping to normalize the concept of harm reduction.” After a friend died from a drug overdose last year, Dupuis said she took it upon herself to pick up naloxone, and announced on Instagram that would be carrying it at all future shows as a precaution. The spray, which is marketed as Narcan, is intended to bring someone out of an opioid overdose. “People were really excited to see that I was carrying it and that we’d be carrying it at all future Speedy Ortiz shows,” she said. Dupuis then connected with Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC), an advocacy organization aimed at providing support to communities impacted by drug use. “I’ve lost too many friends to opioid overdose at this point; friends I’ll never have back. I don’t think anyone should die for this reason when there’s life-saving medication that can help,” she said. “So we’re just raising awareness not only of that but of the other resources that Harm Reduction Coalition provides.”