Immigration Searches Greyhound Bus, Detains Woman

Riders on a bus in Florida were asked to prove their citizenship. According to the Miami New Times, the bus was stopped at a Florida Greyhound station, when U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents boarded the bus. The agents then filed through the bus, asking passengers for proof of citizenship. When a woman of Caribbean descent couldn’t present her papers, she was arrested and escorted off the bus with her luggage.

Greyhound buses have historically been targets for immigration officials. The Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) says Greyhound has told them they have no choice but to let agents on, since immigration agents claim jurisdiction within 100 miles of a border. This means that all of Florida falls within their command.

FLIC later confirmed the woman was detained by the ICE. FLIC says the unidentified women’s family has not heard from her since her arrest. She was allegedly on her way home from Orlando after visiting her granddaughter for the first time.