In This Together: 10-Year-Old Gives Art Supplies to Kids in Need, Couple Reunites After COVID Scare

10-Year-Old Gives Art Supplies To Kids In Need

10-year-old Chelsea Phaire of Danbury, CT, combined her love of art with her penchant for charity to create a project for kids in need.
After having a discussion with her mother about how kids in need often don’t have access to art supplies and creative outlets, Chelsea convinced her parents to help her form “Chelsea’s Charity.” The organization provides free art supplies to kids who are in foster care or experiencing homelessness.
In addition to crayons, markers, and paint, the kits also come with canvases, sketch pads, and smocks, which Chelsea’s mom Candace says can be incredibly helpful to kids during the pandemic.
“I know schools try their best to get all the supplies they could out in such a quick amount of time,” Candace explained. “I’m not sure how many schools are able to kind of grab art kits, or glue, or crayons, or something that kids didn’t have to go online to be able to use.”
More about Chelsea’s Charity can be found here.

A Couple Reunites After Separation During Pandemic 

Meanwhile, in Indianapolis, IN, an older couple was recently able to reunite after COVID-19 kept them apart. 90-year-old Joyce Hoffman and her husband of 76 years Don had been separated for five weeks while Joyce fought and beat the virus. The two were also about to celebrate Joyce’s belated 90th birthday.

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