In This Together: Bridal Studio Designer Sews Thousands of Masks for Essential Workers

A New Jersey bridal shower owner took the spare time she had on her hands to give back to essential workers.
When the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to shut down in March, Adrienn Braun’s business also took a blow. While applying for business loans, she noticed a desperate need from essential workers for masks — so she decided to use her skills and resources to help others.
“So I was just kind of putting together all the leftover fabrics and because it has to have like, certain requirements, it has to be made out of 100% cotton. So I just pulled out whatever I had and told my husband, ‘Hey, we can’t work with any of our employees right now. So you come to the store and can you help me?’”
After filling hundreds of requests for hospitals, shelters and other businesses in need of masks, Braun is now making masks for her community and other weddings. Besides her love for fashion, she says the overwhelming response from her community is what kept her going.
“I did everything from my heart,” she said. “I did not even want to do any kind of interview. Like even now I’m just kind of still shocked about it because I never intended to go public or take any kind of credit.”

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