In This Together: Chef Kobe's Viral Cooking Videos, Mother Reacts to Daughter’s Law School Acceptance

Chef Kobe’s Adorable Cooking Videos

Kobe Wian, of Newport News, VA, might be in diapers, but his culinary skills are years beyond his age.
Kobe’s parents introduced him to more than 100 different foods by the time he turned one, which they say “aided to his adventurous palate.” They then decided to start posting his culinary adventures and videos of him helping out in the kitchen on social media. Today, his Instagram has over 2 million followers who get to watch his adorable cooking skills improve with each video.

“I like to see his progress throughout them, from picking things up, to pouring things, he’s just gotten so much better,” Kobe’s mom, Ashley, said. “And, you know, I like seeing that and so do all his followers.”
Kobe’s parents hope his videos can provide people a little bit of joy during these difficult times.

“A lot of people are inside right now due to quarantine, and there’s a lot going on in the world, and he just brings smiles to so many faces,” Ashley said.

Mom’s Incredible Reaction To Her Daughter’s Law School Acceptance

When Melinda Oliver of St. Louis, MO, received her letter of acceptance to DePaul University College of Law, she knew her mom would be excited—but she definitely didn’t expect what happened when she filmed it.
When her mother learned that she had been accepted to the school and received a $40,000 a year scholarship, she was overjoyed.
“We’ve been working on this for a very long time. She knows how I’ve been studying. And she was with me kind of, every step of the way with the application process,” Oliver explained.” So I figured she would be joyful, but maybe not that joyful.”

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