In This Together: Dance Studio Teaches Kids Virtually During Quarantine

This California dance teacher has moved all of her classes online to instruct kids all over the world. 

Lisa McCabe founded Lovely Leaps two years ago after developing the desire to stay close to her daughter, do what she loves, and work with children. But the pandemic and subsequent shutdown procedures forced her to shift her business virtually.

“It was either gonna be 100% stop or I had to figure it out,” she explained.

McCabe started offering her kids classes virtually and also began offering a few free classes. Once measures began to be lifted, she found that she was still getting requests for the free classes, so she decided to continue them one day a week.

The studio now has kids joining from across the country and around the world. 

“We’ve grown 3,000+ students during COVID and yeah, it’s been such an adventure,” McCabe said. “We have kids all over the globe now.” 

McCabe said the experience has been both affirming and inspiring — one that she hopes others will follow. 

“I say approach every problem with a heart to give back, and more than likely it’s going to work out,” she said. 

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