In This Together: Family Helps People Experiencing Homelessness, Book Empowers Young Girls

Family Helps People Experiencing Homelessness

Rachel Handy and her children received assistance from Positive Tomorrows in Oklahoma City in 2018.

“A few years ago I was in a domestic violence situation and that caused me to have to go to the YWCA, which is a domestic violence shelter,” Handy explained. “So Positive Tomorrow programs with them for homeless kids to be able to go to their schools.”

Handy told NowThis that after leaving the shelter, Positive Tomorrow helped her get a rental home. Since leaving the program, she has gone on to purchase her own home and start a new job—and when she lost that job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they provided her a grant.

With the grant money, Handy was able to pay off several bills, and used the  extra money to give back to the community by providing meals to individuals in need.

“When the pandemic, like, first started happening, I was forced to homeschool my four children,” She explained. “So one day we’re gonna go feed the homeless. It was part of our lesson plan and we started off really small. And then we just seen, like, a good positive reaction.”

The family started off providing 10 meals — but now, every single weekend, Handy says they feed over 200 to 300 people.

Book Empowers Young Girls To Embrace Their Natural Hair

Lynne Graham’s book “Empress of Coils” aims to inspire girls to fall in love with their natural hair. The book tells the story of Kendolyn, a 10-year-old girl who realizes the beauty of her curly hair after an inspiring journey.
“‘Empress of Coils’ takes you on a journey of self-love, heritage and unshakable self-confidence not to feel obligated to conform to society’s beauty standards,” Graham explained. “It relates to all ethnicities of hair and children. A book for the girls with tight curls!”
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