In This Together: Musician Entertains Cooped Up Kids, Model Creates Inclusive Face Masks

Musician Entertains Cooped Up Kids 

Professional musician Ryan Rickenbach is the founder of Manhattan Aardvarks, which teaches kids about the joys of music.
“Our mission would be to entertain and educate children through music,” he told NowThis. “Specifically music that is geared towards kids growing up in an urban environment.”

When the pandemic hit, Rickenbach had to quickly adapt to keep his operation going. He started doing live streams so he could continue to engage children without physically interacting with them.
Rickenbach said he wants his video to help kids, especially those who live in cities, better understand these times.

“There’s things happening in the city, a lot of people left [Manhattan], but there’s still lots of people here,” he said. “And kids pick up, I mean, there’s stuff going on there right now that’s a little troubling and to have someone [who] can acknowledge that and kind of reassure, I think is a really important thing.

Model Creates Inclusive Line Of Face Masks For Front-Line Workers

Halima Aden is creating hijabs and turbans that come with matching face masks.
The supermodel and activist has partnered with AI tech company Anywear to manufacture the PPE for frontline workers.

“There are so many women who wear the hijab working in hospitals, and it’s imperative that they are able to have some kind of comfort and relief as they work countless hours, especially now during the pandemic,” Aden said.

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