In This Together: Salon Empowers LGBTQ+ Youth, Makeup Artist's Stunning Character Transformations

Salon Empowers LGBTQ+ Youth

Madin Lopez founded ProjectQ as a safe space where queer people, especially people of color, can receive gender-affirming hairstyles.
“We started doing haircuts for homeless queer youth of color in 2012. And at first, I was going into the shelters on my moped with my clippers and blow dryer in my backpack,” Lopez told NowThis. “And now we have a salon and a community center in Chinatown in Los Angeles.”

ProjectQ’s mission now goes beyond giving clients haircuts. They have their youth “exchange” their haircut for a self-empowering workshop, like financial planning or nutrition on a budget — giving them tools to be a port of society as well as an affirming identity.
And while ProjectQ has had to scale back its operations during the pandemic, Lopez is still committed to looking after the community.
“We’re still giving service every second Sunday of the month, but obviously we can’t give haircuts,” Lopez said. “So we compiled these food and hygiene boxes. And what we do is we just, literally, we have as many folks sign up for them as they can. And then, we drive around LA dropping off food and hygiene boxes out of the back of my truck.”

Makeup Artist Makes Stunning Character Transformations

Andrew Elliot is putting his amazing skills as a makeup artist and a wig stylist to good use.
Over the past few months, he’s turned his face into iconic characters, from Glinda the Good Witch and Elphaba to Maleficent and Moira Rose. He’s also shown love for some beloved celebrities like Fran Drescher, Dolly Parton, and Julie Andrews.
His videos have been a fun, lighthearted distraction to his followers over the past several months.

“My hope is that what has brought me joy and kept my spirits from dwindling during this difficult time, has also inspired and entertained my friends, family, and followers,” he said. “Support the arts!”

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