In This Together: Sisters Help Latinx Community With Finances Via Latina Money Moms

Esperanza Lebron began Latina Money Moms with her sister after realizing the lack of personal finance programs for the Latinx community.
“My sister, Crystal Mendez, and I were looking for some resources for personal finance. And when we were searching, we never, like, we didn’t really find many people that looked like us,” Lebron explained. “And a lot of times we realized that when you don’t see someone that looks like you out there trying to do what you want to do, there’s this piece of the inspiration and possibility that’s diminished a little bit.”
So she and her sister started Latina Money Moms to inspire more people that looked like them and teach them how to budget as well as change their spending mindset to reach their financial goals. Together, they coach people who might’ve lost their jobs during the pandemic, or simply want to develop a positive mindset and foundation for personal finance at $25 a month.
Lebron says her motivation to keep helping others is the memory of her younger self.
“I think what really makes me stay committed to this work is remembering that 15-year-old version of myself. That 15-year-old version, who was a teen mom, high school dropout, and remembering what everyone used to say, like, people would tell me what I was,” she said. “But nobody could tell me — nobody ever said who you could be.”
But above all, Lebron says she does what she does for her family.
“We’re literally living out grandparents’ wildest dreams when they immigrated to America from Mexico,” she said.
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