In This Together: Teacher's 15-Day Road Trip Brings History to Life

A Texas history teacher took to the open road to create an unforgettable lesson plan for her students.

Instead of fretting about remote learning, which was enforced amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Cathy Cluck took advantage of it and embarked on a 15-day road trip across America to bring history books alive. “

There was not a lot of planning or forethought that really went into it,” Cluck said of the adventure. “I decided about two weeks before I left to maybe just try to teach history from the places where it happened.”

Cluck taught from various historic locations across America over Zoom each day, like Jamestown, Virginia and Washington D.C. She said her on-location teaching enhances the lessons for her students.

“I would have them read something in their textbook and there would be a picture, an image. And then I would say, ‘this is where I am’ and they’re seeing the textbook picture but then they’re seeing my actual background,” she explained.

Cluck also wanted everyone to be a little bit more understanding of each other during this unprecedented time.

“I’ve said probably three times just today that we’re just all trying this out,” she said. “I mean, we’re all just trying to make it through. And the more that we can remember that fundamentally, we’re human beings before we’re students, before we’re teachers, before we’re a parent — we’re human beings. And we have to try to give a little bit more grace to each other, maybe those fuses don’t have to be quite so short.”

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