Inside the First Palestinian Museum in the U.S.

Faisal Saleh is a Palestinian immigrant in the United States and founder of the first permanent Palestinian museum in the U.S.

The Palestinian Museum serves as a space for education and elevation of Palestinian art rather than war and conflict. The museum defies the traditional Western narrative of the Palestinian story by acting as a space for celebration of cultural life rather than political divide.

Saleh's parents left Salama during Israel's War of Independence, eventually settling in the West Bank town of El Bireh, near Ramallah.
At the age of 18, two years after the 1967 war, Saleh moved to the United States to study at Oberlin College and later earned his MBA. from the University of Connecticut. He then became an entrepreneur.

Hundreds of photos, paintings, and sculptures by some of the most prominent Palestinian artists are proudly displayed at his museum, including pieces from Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, and Ramallah. Saleh has managed all this despite the obstacles of shipping art from occupied territories like Gaza and West Bank.

He is also financing the museum himself, but he said he hopes to eventually attract enough financial support to relocate the gallery from its suburban, turnpike setting to major cities across the U.S.

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