iPhone Battery Explodes in Man's Mouth

An iPhone battery reportedly exploded in a man’s mouth after he bit into it to see if it was real. The victim was looking for an iPhone battery replacement at a Chinese electronics store. Witnesses speculate that the man tried to test one by biting it, which caused it to erupt in a ball of fire.

Fortunately, reports say that no one was injured after the blast — but they were certainly startled by the explosion. The incident came just two weeks after an apple store in Switzerland was evacuated because an iPhone battery exploded due to overheating. It also happened amidst the controversy of Apple saying their older phone models were slowed down. They claimed that this prolonged the battery life, but many customers believe it was done to sell newer phone models.

CEO Tim Cook addressed this in a recent interview with ABC News, saying, “When we did put [the speed-sapping software update] out, we did say what it was but I don’t think a lot of people were paying attention. Maybe we should have been clearer as well, so we deeply apologize for anyone who thinks we have some other kind of motivation.”

iPhones use lithium-ion batteries, which are thought to be generically safe to use. But they can still catch fire if they’re defective or under certain scenarios.