Jodie Van Horn 'Ready for 100' Renewable Energy Op-Ed


Jodie Van Horn, director of Sierra Club’s “Ready for 100” campaign, is eager to see 100% renewable energy use in the United States. The movement consists of students, businesses, community members, and mayors in hundreds of cities across the country who are working to move away from fossil fuels and champion renewable energy.

“Over the past year, I’ve seen cities and towns redouble their efforts to meet the commitment our country made to address the global threat of climate change while Donald Trump has turned his back on clean air and a safe climate,” Van Horn stated. “Local leaders recognize that combating climate change is not just an obligation, it’s an opportunity to create jobs, save families money, and cut pollution in our communities.”

Since launching the campaign in 2016, Van Horn says she’s learned that we can create a new energy economy that transforms the livelihood of the country’s environment and communities.

“We can do this. I’ve seen it happen in my own hometown where even my mom turned out to a town council meeting to convince our mayor to get behind this goal,” she said. “And if the fact that more than 50 American cities are on their way to 100% clean energy proves anything, it’s that we will do this.”  

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