Joe and Jill Biden Are Committed to Supporting Veterans' Mental and Physical Health

Former Vice President Joe and Dr. Jill Biden are calling attention to veterans’ issues as part of Walking With The Wounded. Six veterans from the U.S. and UK are walking 1,000 miles across America to raise awareness for mental health.

“I don’t want to talk about the president, but I will talk about the obligation we have to honor all those who have served. Without exception,” he explained. “300,000 Americans have come home suffering from post-traumatic stress, as well as traumatic brain injury. And they need our help.”

When asked what she’s learned through her experience about mental health that has surprised her, Jill Biden stated, “When our son came back from Iraq, I said, Beau, what do we need to focus on? He said, Mom, we really need to focus on mental health. And I was surprised by that. And through the last couple years, we’ve found that that’s true, they do need more support and more help.”

The Bidens, a military family, joined for part of part of Walking With The Wounded in St. Louis. When asked if he feels any obligation to jump back into a potential presidential race, Biden said that he promised his son that he would stay politically involved, but whether he’ll run for office again, he doesn’t know.