Kevin Livingston Supports Men Seeking New Opportunities with 100 Suits

This man gives out free suits to those in need, so they can look fresh for job interviews or in court. Kevin Livingston founded 100 Suits in 2011. The group’s original mission was to give free business attire to young, underprivileged men from low-income areas — but it has grown to include anyone who walks by.

“So, in the beginning, we were just giving out suits. I had to yank that model because that’s what we don’t do. We don’t just give out suits. We keep in contact and we follow up.” Livingston explained.

Most of the suits are donated by members of the community. In addition to the donated suits, Livingston also launched a mentoring program in 2016 to help at-risk young men or those already on parole or probation.

He stated, “I started 100 Suits academy when I was homeless. I slept in this same car for three weeks in JFK [Airport’s] parking lot. I remember sitting in my car and thinking about things. You know, just generating ideas because I really had nothing else to fall on, and so I wanted to figure out what else I could do besides giving these people a suit. So, we started 100 Suits Academy where we’re in public schools, correctional facilities. Showing them the next steps.”

100 Suits also hopes to eventually expand outside of the city.