Kyoto Animation Arson Attack Kills 33 People

A massive fire killed at least 33 people in Japan in a suspected arson attack.
A man reportedly yelled “die” before setting fire to an animation studio that he had doused in a flammable liquid. The 41-year-old suspect is reportedly in police custody.
“It was a big fire,” one onlooker said. “I saw quite a bright fire that was almost coming out of a window.”
“I saw some people with burns, covered with something,” another said.
Dozens of people were also injured in the blaze, including 10 who are reportedly critically injured.
“It is so horrifying that I am at a loss for words,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe tweeted. “I’d like to express my deepest condolences to the victims. Offer my thoughts to those who have been wounded and pray for their recovery.”
This is believed to be Japan’s worst arson attack in 30 years and the deadliest fire since 2001, when 44 people died at a club in a fire that was ruled accidental.
Kyoto Animation is a studio known for anime production, much of which reportedly takes place in the building that was burned down. Many social media users are sharing the hashtag #PrayForKyoani in support of the fire’s victims.