Laundry Truck LA Does Laundry for the Homeless

People experiencing homelessness can do laundry in the Laundry Truck LA.
The truck was created in 2017 by Jodie Dolan, who founded DOLAN Clothing. It contains five sets of washers and dryers and goes out into the community at least once a week.
The truck usually parks alongside other mobile services like shower trucks or organizations giving free haircuts so anyone who needs it can have multiple needs met in one place.
“Whoever wants to come from the community can come,” Dolan explained. “So we have some people that do live on the street. We have some people that live in, you know, some low-income housing. We have people that live in their cars. We don’t turn away anybody. We do laundry for anybody that shows up.”
The homeless population in Los Angeles increased by 16% in the last year. In LA county, approximately 42,000 people without a home are unsheltered (i.e. they live on the street, in a car, or elsewhere).
Dolan continues to run the Laundry Truck LA nonprofit in addition to her clothing company. She hopes to grow her fleet of laundry trucks so they can serve more people in multiple places.
“It’s really hard to see people struggling and I think that if we have the resources to give them, you know, we should,” she said.

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