LGBTQ+ Workers’ Rights Are at Stake in Supreme Court Title VII Cases

The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace.
“On October 8, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in three cases involving LGBTQ+ people who were fired just for being who they are,” ACLU Staff Attorney Chase Strangio explained. “For years, courts around the country have made clear that a federal law Title VII that protects employees from discrimination because of sex makes it illegal to fire someone because the person is transgender or because of the person’s sexual orientation. Now the Supreme Court is going to weigh in, and the Trump administration has sided with the employers and is asking the court to legalize LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace.”
In a brief filed with the Supreme Court on August 16, the Trump Administration advocated for discrimination based on stereotypes about sex stating that it  should be lawful in the workplace. Not only would these measures mean that transgender people could be fired because of their identity but that it would even be in a company’s “best interest.”
“The stakes could not be higher,” Strangio said. “Our rights and our lives are on the line. And yours are too. So, mark October 8 on your calendar, and join the fight to tell the country that SCOTUS should not take away our rights.”

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