Locals Hold Taco Bell Vigil

Over 100 people in Montgomery, Alabama held a vigil for a Taco Bell that burned down. The ceremony even had a tribute song to accompany it. The song was performed by local comedian Ashley Nicole Portis, who had written about the fast food restaurant and recorded a music video.

The Taco Bell burned down on January 17, and bodybuilder Katie James thought it would be funny/oddly appropriate to hold a vigil for the beloved eatery, even though she hasn’t eaten there in six months.

A Facebook event, titled “Candle light vigil for taco bell Zelda road” was created and a surprising amount of people showed up. The ceremony itself took place in an Arby’s parking lot next to the late taco establishment. Mourners celebrated with candles and Taco Bell products

“I work a lot of long hours, a lot of driving all over Montgomery and this was a regular stop for me and so I was a little bummed whenever I found out it burned down cause I don't have a nearby Taco Bell anymore,” a vigil attendee told WSFA.

Though it was one of many, the restaurant seemed to be the space where many fond memories were shared — no wonder it got such a turnout.