Maebe A. Girl First Drag Queen Elected to Public Office in the U.S.

Maebe A. Girl, is the first drag queen elected to public office in the U.S. 
“The reason I decided to run in drag is because I knew that I would have a more powerful voice running in drag,” she explained. “I feel like people can’t say anything to me, because I’m already going against traditional ideas of what gender is supposed to be and how it’s supposed to be expressed.”
Maebe A. Girl was elected to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council in LA in April 2019. And ran and conducts all of her official duties in drag.
“When we think about politicians, what do we think about? We think about old white guys in suits,” she said. “And you know what? I think it’s about time that is the end of that idea of what a politician is like.”
Maebe says she’s always been interested in politics, but it took her time to build up the confidence to get involved.
“After doing drag for a few years and realizing how strong this community is, I felt like they would really have my back,” she said. “It was definitely terrifying. But I will say that it’s actually been one of the most enlightening and positive experiences of my life.”
Maebe is the first drag queen elected to public office in California. At least two drag queens have unsuccessfully run for public office. Including José Sarria in 1961, and Joan Jett Blakk in 1992.