Feel Good
Meet the Man dedicated to helping His Mom Complete Her Bucket List

Sian-Pierre is helping his 76-year-old mom finish her bucket list. After she got fired from her job of 55 years, she was struggling with depression so Sian-Pierre decided to literally give his mom a reason to live. They made a bucket list and have been checking items off one-by-one, all while making a documentary film about their adventures. Rebecca Danigelis aka Mom worked in hospitality her entire life, and while they had already planned to complete her bucket list, it took on a whole new meaning after she lost her job. “I’ve never seen glee like [I have] during these bucket list items,” says Sian-Pierre. Rebecca’s bucket list includes: Visiting her sister’s grave in England, taking a hip-hop dance class, skydiving, and joining Instagram where her handle @rebrexity now has nearly 68,000 followers. The film is called, ‘Duty Free’ and it chronicles their journey from start to finish. Raising money on Kickstarter to finance it, they surpassed their goal by over $7000. Rebecca and Sian-Pierre are still working through the list. They recently finished walking the Boston Marathon Route, and have many more adventures to come.