Ibrahim Ghunaim A.K.A. MC Gaza Shot Music Video During Great March Of Return

Palestinian rapper MC Gaza shot a music video under sniper fire. The video was shot during the Great March of Return protests earlier this year, in which 155 Palestinians were shot and killed.

“I’ve chosen to be next to the snipers so that I can say to them that I’m not afraid from them,” he explained. “I don’t fear your shots, I can do my music whenever I want and wherever I want.”

Gaza is widely known as the “world’s largest open-air prison.” It’s been under blockade by Israel since 2007.

“I don’t like getting shot but I don’t fear that, too. Because I was talking about my country,” said the MC, whose real name is Ibrahim Ghunaim. “I’m a refugee in Gaza, I’m not a Gazan. I’m a refugee in Gaza. I am from a place called Safed. It’s north of Palestine. I want to return to my land that I didn’t even saw it before. My father born there and he left after a year maybe from his born.”

Ghunaim hopes his music can inform the world about the experiences of the Palestinian people.

“We are Palestinian, we feel something nobody can feel. When you get shot or get in a dangerous place, nobody will feel your pain. You need to talk about yourself,” he said. “You need to reach the press around the world to talk about your country and what’s what the people needs there.”