Meet 11-Year-Old Reporter Jaden Jefferson

11-year-old journalist Jaden Jefferson is scoring exclusive interviews with 2020 presidential candidates
Jaden is a multimedia journalist (MMJ) in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, where Senator Warren made a press stop on July 29 ahead of the Democratic presidential debates in Detroit.
“I got a spot on the media platform because of a photographer at CNN named Dave. So I got up on that, on the media platform and got to shoot some video,” he explained. “And then from there, the event was wrapping up, so I went to get some video I was approached by the press secretary who wanted me to give [Elizabeth Warren] an interview.
Jaden’s interview with Senator Warren quickly went viral and he was invited on CNN to talk more about the candidates. And he might just now be blowing up online, but these interviews weren’t his first rodeo. Thanks to his grandmother, who drives him to different shoots, he says he’s able to cover a few stories per week. He is about to start 6th grade but he has a plan to balance school and his journalism career. He says people have treated him like any working journalist, including Elizabeth Warren.
“[Warren] knew what she was there for and she lived up to the expectation that she was there to address the media, not to treat anybody else in that room differently than I was being treated,” he said.