Meet the YouTube Creator Giving a Voice to Trans Youth

“I remember being very young and closing my eyes and trying to think of what could possibly be for my life, and literally not being able to think of anything,” says Kat Blaque, a prominent YouTuber, content creator and trans voice in social media. “It was literally impossible for me to imagine myself now when I was a kid.” Ahead of Pride month, we’re spotlighting LGBTQ+ creators, artists and performers who deserve your attention now. “I know what it’s like to live in a world where people don’t understand trans folk,” Blaque says, and she is one of the voices changing that conversation, video by video. As someone who has been a creator on YouTube and beyond since 2005, Blaque has made it her mission to share her perspective and educate her audience while she entertains with on-trend discussions about culture, art and fashion.