Nearly 1,000 Accidents Caused By Deadly Snowstorm in NJ Alone

New Jersey’s first snowstorm led to nearly 1,000 crashes.

Almost six inches of snow caused chaos for New Jersey commuters — one woman even died after crashing into a New Jersey Transit train.

Several highways and bridges were closed due to the storm, including the George Washington Bridge, the busiest bridge in NYC. Some drivers were forced to leave their cars. Others stayed with their vehicles but endured hours of waiting.

Students in at least two NJ middle schools were stranded overnight and some teachers reported going 24 hours without sleep to help chaperone.

“Unfortunately, the worst of the storm coincided with the early dismissals from schools and workplaces, meaning that just when we needed our road crews and all that equipment out there the most they were competing with folks, understandably, by the way, trying to get back home the same time as well,” Governor Phil Murphy stated.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal also reported delays up to three hours and advised commuters to consider other ways to get home. Most of the Northeast was impacted by the storm and more than 400,000 people lost power and eight weather-related deaths were reported.

“Every storm gives us—,and this is not our first at this point by a mile—,gives us a chance to review our response and make adjustments for the next storm, which we know we will eventually have to meet…” stated Murphy.

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