New York Knicks Enes Kanter Fasts for Ramadan While Training

Enes Kanter plays center for the New York Knicks and is currently doing off-season training in Chicago. But he’s also fasting 17 hours a day for Ramadan.

“I remember when I was with Oklahoma City Thunder, I remember there was this guy. He was not even Muslim. He wanted to fast with me for three days because he wanted to understand how an NBA player’s body feels when he’s fasting,” Kenter explained. “So, he fasted with me for three days, a lifting coach. And after three days he quit, of course, he said, ‘I have to have my coffee.’ Like a lot of Americans do. But I think it was a really cool thing that he was just trying to fast with me to see how my body feels.”

Though Kanter doesn’t eat all day, when it’s time to break his fast, he has to remember not to eat too fast — and he has to pray before he digs in.

“My praying is mostly for the universal peace,” he said. “I just want people from [different] background, different religion, different whatever. We come together and just try to make this world a better place to live in and we need to do it together.”