North Carolina 3-Year-Old Sells Lemonade to Give Back to Community

This three-year-old uses the money from her lemonade stand to buy diapers for moms in need.
Ava Lewis uses her grandma’s recipe to make lemonade and sells it at a stand in front of her mom’s hair salon. But Ava never wanted to keep the money she made for herself.
“In the beginning I said ‘what do you wanna do with your money?’ She said. ‘I wanna pay the gas bill,’” Her mother Maggie Lewis told ABC 11.
Later Ava and her mom decided they’d use the money to buy diapers, wipes, and bottles for babies and moms in need.  
Ava charges 50 cents for a small cup of lemonade and one dollar for a large cup. Her stand has become so popular that people began driving from other cities to visit and some are ordering lemonade by the gallon. Ava has started selling her lemonade in other locations as well.
Her mom says she isn’t sure where they’ll donate to next, but they want to keep giving back.
“I’m letting God guide us to where we need to go,” she told The News Observer. “I really don’t know because it happened so fast. It started with cups and now it’s gallons.”