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Officer Drives 100 Miles to Bring Teen Home from Brain Surgery

An officer drove this teen 100 miles home, because she missed the train after her brain surgery. 19-year-old Kori Malenfant found herself stuck in Boston — she and her parents were leaving New York where she had a three-and-a-half-hour brain surgery. Malenfant suffered from chiari malformation, a condition that can cause nausea, depression and ringing in the ears, and had gone into surgery to address her symptoms. She and her parents were on their way home to northeast Maine, but snow caused them to miss a connecting train by five minutes.

“At this point, I was only a few days post-op from brain surgery. You know, I was kind of like trying to support my neck on our luggage, on — I was kind of worried about my safety. I know my parents were even more worried about my safety, obviously.” Malenfant explained.

The family spoke to police at the Boston station and asked about safe placed to store their luggage. The officers ended up calling their captain Kelley McCormick, who ended up driving the family and their stuff to the police station, to gas up his car, then making the trek all the way to Maine to drop them off.

“There are no words, there’s no gift that could ever repay, you know, what he did for us.” Malenfant stated.