Author Naomi Klein Speaks About Her New Book, ‘On Fire’

Award-winning author Naomi Klein’s latest book, ‘On Fire,’ makes the case for a Green New Deal and captures the urgency of the climate crisis in a set of expansive long-form essays.On this episode of One Small Step Spotlight, Lucy sits down with New York Times Bestselling author Naomi Klein to discuss her seventh book 'On Fire.''On Fire' is made up of essays that Klein has written going back as far as 2010 discussing the climate crisis and the ideas that fuel a Green New Deal approach.“I have been writing for a long time as you see in the book about the need for a Green New Deal-style approach to the climate crisis," Klein said. The Green New Deal is a proposed U.S. resolution that aims to address climate change and economic equality. In addition to addressing the climate crisis, Klein talks about how crucial it is for us to address economic inequality as well as racial and gender exclusion in order to successfully achieve the systematic change we need. Find out more about Klein's newest book on this episode of Spotlight.

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