Parkland Father Manuel Oliver Unveils 3D-Printed Statue of Slain Son Joaquin

This Parkland father made a 3D sculpture of his late son.

Manuel Oliver “brought back” his son Joaquin to illustrate the need for regulations on 3D-printed guns. The figure is dressed how Joaquin was dressed during the Parkland school shooting on February 14 and it was personalized with items that reflect his character. Joaquin “Guac” Oliver was one of the 17 people who died.

“Joaquin belongs to a new generation of dead kids. And that generation of dead kids is growing and growing and growing every single day,” he stated. “And Guac is back to let you understand what happens when we let these laws get out of our hands.”

The figure of one of several installations by the Olivers, who have used art to encourage conversations about gun reform.

The Olivers’ organization Change the Ref previously 3D-printed a statue of a child witnessing a school shooting. They also held a “Back to School” fashion show during New York Fashion Week that had child models dressed in military ensembles.

Manuel says voter registration numbers have been encouraging and he hopes to see similar enthusiasm after the midterms.

“Whoever was elected that I thought could solve the problem is gonna have me over his shoulder daily, demanding the same way that I’m demanding now,” he stated.”