Parkland Parents Are Learning from the NRA Playbook

Parkland parents are borrowing from the NRA’s playbook and supporting candidates (who are pro-gun reform) in the midterm elections.
“If we don’t get our message out there effectively, then it’s just gonna be more and more and more mass shootings — more and more children in body bags,” explained Jeff Kasky, who co-founded the Families vs Assault Rifles PAC. “We need to either replace the laws or replace the lawmakers. Unfortunately, that costs a lot of money.”

Kasky is the father of two Parkland shooting survivors, Cameron and Holden. He helped form the PAC, which will raise money for candidates who support gun reform and are running against NRA-backed opponents.

“In a campaign, money allows candidates to have wide reach with their message,” he said. “Money allows you to be on social media, to have experts handling your public relations. It allows you to advertise. It allows you to run what essentially is a business.”

The PAC plans to even the playing field where the NRA is most present. It is asking families wanting to make an impact in campaigns donate a multiple of $17 in honor of those lost in the Parkland shooting.

There have been roughly 35 shootings on school grounds since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th.

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