Paul Njoroge Testifies to Congress After Boeing 737 MAX Plane Crash Kills Family

Paul Njoroge’s wife, three kids, and mother-in-law were killed when the Boeing 737 MAX they were in crashed in Ethiopia. He recently testified before a U.S. House panel on the safety of Boeing’s jets.
“They had to somehow comfort the children during those final moments knowing they were all their last,” he stated. “It never leaves me that my family’s flesh is still in Ethiopia, mixed with the soil, jet fuel, and pieces of the aircraft.”
More than 340 people were killed in two separate 737 crashes in October 2018 and March 2019. Njoroge criticized Boeing for not taking responsibility for the crashes, instead casting blame on the pilots.
“On April 4, 3 weeks after the deaths of my family, in what I have since learned is a shameful pattern of behavior by Boeing and airplane manufacturers, Boeing shifted focus from the root cause of the crashes, which is the design flaws in the 737 MAX and the [Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System], and started talking about ‘foreign pilot error,’” he stated. “Would they have used the term ‘domestic pilot error’ if the crash happened in the United States?”
Numerous inquiries and hearings have been held in an attempt to find out why Boeing and the FAA certified the 737s safe to fly.