Police Arrest Volunteers for Feeding the Homeless

These people were arrested for giving food to the less fortunate. Volunteers, onlookers and homeless people confronted the police after getting cited for misdemeanors. The police stated that it was all because of an ordinance passed by the City Council that bans food sharing on city-owned property. Activists for “Break the Ban” decided to pass out food in a park to homeless and low-income individuals anyway, claiming that the food sharing ordinance was discriminatory.

While being filmed, an officer stated, “You guys continue to food share on public property, which is a city park, you guys are subject to arrest.”

The ban was put in place in October to prevent to spread the Hepatitis A.

“Yes, we have a problem with Hepatitis A but you don’t battle that by not feeding homeless people.” Mark Lane, the event’s organizer stated. “You battle that by giving them proper restroom facilities, proper hand washing facilities and vaccinations, education.”

The group formed in response to the city council ordinance — and they are still fighting to get it overturned. They’re planning to hold more events in the future, no matter what the response from the cops is. Perhaps if the opposition is strong enough, the ban will be overturned.

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