Enough is Enough
Police Hold Press Conference on UNC Charlotte Shooting

A man opened fire on UNC Charlotte’s last day of classes, killing two students and leaving four injured. The gunman walked into a classroom with a pistol and opened fire on April 30.

“I can’t tell you the sadness of the entire community to know that a situation like this has occurred on our campus,” UNC Charlotte police chief Jeffery Baker stated.

22-year-old Trystan Andrew Terrell has been taken into custody by police. According to UNCC police and public safety chief Jeff Baker, two students were found dead at the scene, and three people are in critical condition.

Gunshots broke out around 6 pm, prompting campus police to warn students. Students were then led out of classrooms, and the campus remained on lockdown late into the night.

“We train for this type of an incident and we were able to get to the building and officers immediately—one officer immediately went to the suspect to take him down,” Baker said.

The alleged gunman is a former student at UNC Charlotte and was most recently enrolled in fall 2018. Police declined to give more information on a possible motive. According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, the suspect has been charged with four counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, possession of a firearm on educational property, and discharging a firearm on educational property.