Police Investigate Staged Hate And Former NFL Player Edawn Louis Coughman

A former NFL player is accused of staging a hate crime burglary at two of his businesses.
On September 11, 2019, a maintenance worker reported burglaries at Create and Bake Restaurant and Coughman’s Creamery in Atlanta, GA, which are owned by ex-Dallas Cowboys player Edawn Louis Coughman. Police say they found property damage and graffiti, including swastikas, “MAGA,” and racial slurs. When questioned, police say Coughman recounted that he did not call 911 and instead called his insurance company to report the incident.
Police searched Coughman’s car which matched the vehicle description of the eyewitness, and say they found black spray paint and a yellow crowbar.
“The back door to one of the businesses has yellow pry marks,” the Gwinnett County police report stated. “When officers went inside the business, they saw several graffiti words and symbols on the walls and booth cushions in black spray paint…Several booth cushions were sliced open. They also found broken mirrors, cut wires, and a damaged video surveillance system. The smell of spray paint was very fresh. When officers touched it, the paint appeared wet.”
The next day, police arrested Coughman on charges of false report of a crime, insurance fraud, and concealing a license plate. Police believe his intentionally damaged his own property to appear as a hate crime.”