Political Adviser Mina Mangal Killed in Afghanistan After Sharing Fears for Her Life

Mina Mangal was murdered in broad daylight just days after posting on social media about fearing for her life.

The political adviser, and former TV journalist, was shot and killed in the street in broad daylight in Kabul on May 11. She was reportedly shot at close range by an unidentified man while on her way to work.

Mangal had recently become an adviser to the Cultural Affairs Commission of the Afghan Parliament. She was a vocal advocate for women’s rights in the country. After her death many women took to social media to speak out about what they say is a growing trend of violence against women.

“This woman has already shared that her life was in danger; why did nothing happen. We need answers,” women’s rights activist Wazhma Frogh stated on Twitter. “Why is it so easy in this society [for men] to keep killing women they disagree with?”

Her family said the incident may have been caused by a family dispute. Mangal separated from her husband two years ago after filing complaints of domestic abuse. Her mother says she believes her daughter was killed by a group of men who had previously been arrested for kidnapping but had avoided prison.

The country’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says he is committed to finding justice.