Pope Francis Donates $500k to Migrants at U.S.-Mexico Border

A new statue in the Vatican is dedicated to migrants.
The 20-foot sculpture was unveiled in St. Peter’s Square on September 29 on the 105th World Day of Migrants and Refugees. It depicts 140 migrants from across history and around the world, including a Syrian refugee fleeing the civil war, Indigenous people, and a Jewish man escaping Nazi Germany.
“As Christians, we cannot be indifferent to the tragedy of old and new forms of poverty, to the bleak isolation, contempt, and discrimination experienced by those who do not belong to ‘our group,’” Pope Francis stated.
The piece, called “Angels Unaware,” was created by the artist Timothy Schmalz, who gained global recognition for his sculpture “Homeless Jesus,” which depicts Jesus lying on a park bench. In 2016, Schmalz was commissioned by the Vatican to create a piece dedicated to refugees and migrants.
“I wanted a sculpture that would be inclusive of every migrant experience…over the centuries,” he explained. “Every time you look at it you get the visual message instantly that migration is something that humanity has always had. All cultures, all races, all religions.”
More than 70 million people worldwide have been displaced, according to a report by the UN refugee Agency in 2018.