Power and Politics in Rwanda

In 2008, Rwanda became the first country in the world to have more than half of its government run by women.

Rwanda has the highest representation of women in politics in the world, and that’s largely hailed a major triumph for gender parity. But some Rwandan women and experts alike say that despite the country’s immense progress, there’s still a long way to go. We spoke to a gender expert who, following months of investigating and interviewing women in Rwanda, indicated that political representation and societal expectations of women don’t always perfectly align.

Some women in Rwanda say the country still has a long way to go when it comes to gender equality in daily life.

Government programs currently in place to help Rwandan women advance in politics still have room for improvement. Experts say they’re largely accessible to the elite, well-educated, and often English-speaking - whereas other women might never even hear about the efforts.
In this episode, we’re diving below the surface of what the Global Competitiveness Report has reportedly deemed the “best place in Africa to be a woman,” to look at how the country achieved this unprecedented level of gender representation in politics, and the societal barriers that still exist for Rwandan women today.

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