NowThis NewsRoom Talks About the Meaning of Pride Month

It’s officially Pride Month and there are plenty of ways to celebrate. It’s particularly important for the LGBTQ+ community, whose history, struggles, and achievements are highlighted and celebrated throughout June.

The community has been fighting for equal rights for years, and Pride events help the galvanize their efforts as well as celebrate how far they’ve come. Persecution against different sexual orientations and gender identities is a worldwide issue and not everyone has the privilege of celebrating Pride. But, because of the LGBTQ+ community’s efforts, and their allies, more people are slowly but surely earning their rights.

The most visible LGBTQ+ demographic is white, cisgender males, but representation is being expended upon all the time to include new voices, races, and points of view. And though they have come such a long way, there is still so much more to be done, which is why Pride is just as important in 2018. There are voices that still need to be heard and legislation that still needs to be passed before members of the LGBTQ+ community can truly feel equal and represented.

So, if you’re interested in Pride or becoming an active ally, look up some Pride events in your area and get involved!

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