Professor Eddie Glaude: Voter Suppression Continues to Put Racism Before Democracy

Professor Eddie Glaude said voter suppression continues to put racism before democracy.

“Voter suppression is actually a reflection of deep demographic insecurity,” he explained. “And it’s a reflection of this ongoing commitment to the illusion that the nation is and will remain a white nation in the vain of old Europe.”

Glaude is chair of African American Studies at Princeton University. In 2016, he wrote “Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul.”

“There are a range of ways in which people are disenfranchised. And we have to see if the broader American public cares,” he explained. “When you see that racism, and racial inequality saturates every facet of the country, every facet of our lives, then it’s not about melodrama, where the easily identifiable people that you can condemn are over there. It’s about what you’re doing, the kind of choices you’re making.”

Glaude believes America’s political system needs to be shaken to its core and marginalized voters can make it happen.

“If we turn out all the non-voters and the unlikely voters, the folk who they don’t count. It we turn out folk who they don’t give a damn about, if we turn out, all of them are gonna be scared,” he stated.

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