Puerto Rican School Cheers After Power is Restored

This school in Puerto Rico got power back after 112 days. Teachers and students at Academia Bautista de Puerto Rico Nuevo erupted into cheers and applause in their classrooms when electricity was restored for the first time.

The space hasn’t had power since hurricane Maria swept through the island. The hurricane was the worst storm to hit them in 85 years, and caused pretty catastrophic damage. Maria worked its way along the Atlantic, and caused plenty of destruction in its wake. When it hit the city of Yabucoa on September 20th, it brought with it 155 mile-per-hour winds and a monstrous rainstorm.

While some parts of Puerto Rico have power back, officials say the most remote parts of the island are still without it, and likely won’t get it back until May. This video is a reminder that there is still a lot of damaged sustained and that we can continue to help where we can.