Rapper Chika Urges People to Fight Back Against Abortion Bans

Alabama-born rapper Chika is urging people to fight back against abortion bans.

“Being a human is exhausting anyway. So, I get it,” she explained. “But at the very same time, we’re all sharing this one experience that is the human experience. I think that we should make it, for each of us, the best one is can possibly be.”

The 22-year-old Alabama-born rapper is speaking out against anti-abortion legislation being passed in her state and others.

“I think what’s happening in Alabama is high-key a travesty,” she said. “I think—I get lost for words even thinking about the entire premise of what’s taking place in Alabama right now because there’s so many people who this will affect. But this, this bill that just passed thinks of none of them.”

Chika recently performed a song on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” titled “Richey v. Alabama,” which addressed reproductive rights on her home state.

“One of my favorite phrases and least favorite phases is that none of us are free until, like, the weakest link of the whole is free. Like, the whole is not free until the very smallest of minority is free,” she said. “It shouldn’t have to affect you for you to care. I’m an ally, I’m someone who’s gonna speak up for them, speak up for the voiceless because eventually I may be voiceless, and we’re all going to be in the same situation. And I would love for y’all to join forces with me.”

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