Rome Introduces New Program to Encourage Recycling

You can get free metro tickets in this city for recycling.
The program is called +Ricicli +Viaggi of “the more you recycle the more you travel.” It allows the millions of people who use Rome’s metro system every year to exchange plastic bottles for metro tickets.  
The system works through an app created by the local government, which tracks bottles that people recycle using a special kiosk. Each bottle can be exchanged for a five-cent credit to use toward metro tickets. It takes about 30 bottles to pay for the cost of a standard ride. The program is intended to curb plastic waste and trash overflow in Rome, which has worsened in recent years.
“The situation is quite disastrous,” Legambiente President Stefano Ciafani explained. “Finally, Rome, thanks to Europe, closed its Malagrotta landfill site in 2012, which contained 80% of the waste produced in Rome, but in recent years, Rome has failed to create an efficient system for differentiated waste collection, as Milan has done, and it has not built the recycling plants that are fundamental for a city where three million people live.”
The trash in the city has even been called a health hazard to its residents by Rome’s doctors’ association.